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Military Money Show

Sep 16, 2019

Live podcast recording is exciting. That’s why I’m pumped about today’s episode. It’s another round of No Filter Finance recorded LIVE at FINCON19 via the NEFE recording booth. In this show, I had the opportunity to talk with my friend and fellow podcaster, Rich Jones from the award-winning podcast, Paychecks, and Balances.

We talk about how to handle financial mistakes, what can help most with money, how to make money management easier, plus a ton more. It was wonderful to have this unfiltered finance discussion with Rich.

In this show:

  • What everyone should know about money
  • How to handle financial mistakes
  • Tips to start investing for your future
  • What Rich does that makes it easier to manage your money
  • Financial do-overs
  • The one thing Rich did with money that helped the most

Show notes