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Military Money Show

Oct 28, 2019

Manging your life has something in common with managing a business—money. You have to manage money when you own a business. 

But business finances are a little different than personal finances. There are things to consider like paying quarterly taxes, bookkeeping and keeping your personal and business finances separate. If you haven’t done it before it can be easy to get off on the wrong foot. But even if you’re seasoned at managing your business finances there may be some ways you could improve.

My guest is a business finance expert, Sylvia Inks. In this show, she discusses how to best manage your business finances. 

If you don’t know Sylvia, she’s a business financial coach and founder of SMI Financial Coaching.  Her bestselling book, Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur - A Blueprint for Building a Solid, Profitable Business, has helped new and seasoned business owners get organized, use the right tools to manage their finances, make better business decisions based on their numbers.

Show notes