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Military Money Show

Aug 26, 2019

Investing can be a little scary or a lot scary depending on how you feel about it. The terminology alone can stop people from starting. Today my guest, Erin Lowry, The Broke Millennial is here to talk about her second book Broke Millennial Takes On Investing: A Beginner's Guide to Leveling Up Your Money.

In this show,...

Aug 19, 2019

If you didn’t know it, you can make a ton of money online. I’ve interviewed many people that do it. But I didn’t know you could make money selling printables. That is until I heard about Julie Berninger. 

Today I’m talking with one half of the dynamic duo behind Gold City Venture, Julie Berninger to learn all...

Aug 12, 2019

I have a goal to make the military community well versed on the resources available to them. Since I’ve talked about people not being aware of what’s out there to help them with money. I’ve decided to be part of the solution instead of whining about it. 

In today’s show, I want to share all the resources I know...

Aug 5, 2019

You can have all the financial knowledge in the world but if you aren’t taking action on that intel or keeping healthy financial habits financial success might be hard to come by.

I’m talking with an expert in not only the area of behavioral finance but also in economics to discuss ways to improve your financial...