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Military Money Show

Jul 1, 2019

You want to start a business but how are you going to pay for it? What type of business are you going to start? Is a service-based business? Or is it a product based business. 

My guest today is here to break down your business funding options and the business types they work best for. This is the third part of my series on military entrepreneurship. 

Brandon Shelton is a strategy leader, a problem solver and a relationship builder. He led the grassroots effort that became Task Force X, a driven network of experts and advisors that evaluate talent and develop entrepreneurs and businesses. A veteran entrepreneur himself, Brandon first founded T2 Growth Advisors to help teams design and activate strategic frameworks to reach their goals.

Brandon developed his financial, strategic and operational skills through various experiences in high intensity and change environments from the military after 9/11 to Wall Street in 2008. Using military principles, Brandon helped client teams grow while a partner at a boutique strategy consulting firm with his largest client hiring him to drive growth, expansion and technology changes at a multi-billion dollar company in North America. Brandon founded T2 Growth Advisors to connect these skills to startups and small businesses. He also is a Board Director at NAVSO, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of veterans and military families and a Board Director at StreetShares Foundation, America’s small business funding community.

And last but not least, Brandon is also one of my mentors from Patriot Boot Camp.

In this episode, Brandon shares with us the common ways to fund a business, what venture capital is and how to figure out what the best funding for your business. 

Show notes