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Military Money Show

Jul 29, 2019

VA Home loans are one of the perks of military service but if you haven’t used one before or bought a home before, the process can be like drinking through a firehose. 

My guest today, Bryan Rodriguez, a real estate investor who served in the Army, is here to talk about understanding VA home loans and the process of getting started. He also shares a crazy story about a murder in the wholesale business. I won’t spoil it but in this episode I finally have proof of Servicemembers buying Dodge Chargers!

In this episode:

  • Bryan’s wholesaling experience that led to a murder
  • How to use VA loans
  • New rules for VA loans under the Trump Administration
  • Understanding the Funding Fee
  • VA Disability and the Funding Fee
  • Starting the process of getting a VA loan
  • Getting the most out of your loan
  • VA home loan mistakes to avoid
  • Ways to be a responsible homeowner

Show notes