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Military Money Show

Jul 15, 2019

Today is the fifth and final part of my military entrepreneurship series. If you’re joining the show for the first time, I have been interviewing entrepreneurs experts from within the military community to discuss resources, funding, product, and service-based businesses, making money in the blogging business and a whole bunch more. So be sure to check out episodes 52-55.

Today my guest, Mark L. Rockefeller is here to talk about the realities of business plus some additional resources you can use to start, fund and get coaching for your business.  

If you don’t know Mark, he’s the CEO & Co-Founder of StreetShares, which is America’s leading Fin-tech company focused on the military and veterans’ community. He’s also the Chairman of the StreetShares Foundation, which provides resources, coaching and grant funding to military-community-owned small businesses.

Episode Highlights

  • What is Streetshares?
  • The Streetshares Foundation’s mission
  • Advice for starting a business when you don’t know what kind of business yet
  • Starting a business with or without the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Common mistakes that cause business failure 
  • Common strengths found in successful entrepreneurs
  • Resources for people to increase or continue their business education
  • The value of mentorship in entrepreneurship
  • Advice for people with an idea for a business but are scared to start