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Military Money Show

Jul 22, 2019

Infertility impacts many Servicemembers and their spouses. Not only does it impact there life and marriage it has financial impacts as well. I'm bringing in a subject matter expert to learn more about the finances of infertility and ways you can get financial help.

My guest today is Laura Coleman. She is a Tennessee-based Accredited Financial Counselor who helps couples prepare financially for fertility and adoption. She shares a lot of great resources and tips in our discussion.

In this episode:

  • Laura’s personal experience with adoption and infertility
  • The average costs of infertility and adoption
  • Costs of IUI vs. natural cycle IVF vs IVF
  • The myths and benefits of Foster Care
  • Fundraising for fertility treatment costs
  • Upfront costs
  • Infertility and Adoption grants
  • Common mistakes in the process
  • Marriage stress from infertility and how to cope
  • What to do when you have debt
  • What Tricare and the VA cover

Show notes