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Military Money Show

Jan 21, 2019

Building your credit or improving your credit score all starts with your credit report. It’s what lenders look at when you need to borrow money. Having a lower credit score could mean paying more to borrow money or not being able to borrow money at all. But more and more places are looking at your credit score before they will do business with you...cell phone companies, utilities, or apartment rentals. So having a good credit score is essential.

In this episode, I talk with the Director of Consumer Education and Awareness for Experian, Rod Griffin. He shares some great advice for improving or building your credit. We also talk about Experian’s new program Experian Boost to help many improve their credit score by being able to use their positive utility payments. Stick around for What's on Lacey's Ming to hear us talk deeper about Boost.

In this episode:

  • What’s a credit score?
  • What a credit score is made up of
  • What is a good and a bad score range?
  • Steps people can take to improve their credit score
  • How to read and interpret a credit report
  • The difference between collections vs charged off
  • Experian Boost