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Military Money Show

May 27, 2019

The military community is well aware that good leadership is important in your career. But leadership applies to so many parts of your daily life. The impacts of leadership good or bad can have lasting effects on a person.

From my experience in the military and as a financial coach, I know how valuable positive leadership is in life and money. I’m excited to share my talk with my guest today, Maureen LeBoeuf.

Maureen and I met by chance at a book launch in New York City a couple of years ago. It was for her niece, Erin Lowry, Author of Broke Millennial and Broke Millennial Takes on Investing. It was there I learned about Maureen’s amazing military career. So when I found out she wrote a book, I knew I had to have her on.

Brigadier General (Retired) Maureen LeBoeuf served 28 years in the U.S. Army. During her career, she held various staff and leadership positions as well as flying UH-1 helicopters in the continental United States and Europe.  Most noteworthy was her assignment as the Professor and Head of the Department of Physical Education at the United States Military Academy at West Point from 1997 until her retirement in 2004.  Her position carried the unique title “Master of the Sword.” She was the first woman department head at the United States Military Academy since it was founded in 1802.

LeBoeuf is currently the Chair of the USO of North Carolina. She is currently serving as a senior advisor and faculty member with the Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point.  

In this episode, Maureen shares her stories of leadership in the military to include her time at West Point, the lasting impacts of leadership, how to apply leadership in your life and money plus her money words of wisdom for active-duty Service members.