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Military Money Show

Jun 3, 2019

In episode 45 I talked with Robert Steen about the numbers you should know for retirement planning purposes. Robert is an Advice Director for Retirement & Complex Financial Planning at USAA.

In today’s episode, he’s back to discuss how to make those numbers a reality.

We talk about first actions steps to make, where to save, how to save and how to do it consistently to reach your goals. We also talk about what to do about retirement savings when you have debt.

Robert shares a lot of good “how-tos” in this episode to start making retirement savings a reality.

Be sure to stick around for What’s on Lacey’s mind, I have a special guest, Majorie Eastman, author of The Frontline Generation and creator of the 2019 Bicycle Collectible Post 9/11 Deck of 52.