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Military Money Show

Jul 8, 2019

Blogging can be big business. There’s money to be made if you create valuable content that people can find. Often because it’s a virtual business blogging or website management gets discounted as a viable business but today’s show is going to make it clear, you can have a profitable blogging business. 

Today is part 4 of my military entrepreneur series. In part 1, episode 52, Jen Pilcher founder of Military OneClick and CEO of Patriot Boot camp came on to discuss the basic training of Veteran and Milspouse entrepreneurship, PBC. In part 2 which is episode 53, Nick Bradfield came on to discuss Bunker Labs. In part 3, episode 54 I talked with Brandon Shelton from TFX Capital about business funding options. 

My guest today, Ryan Guina is one of the most well know military money bloggers. In this show, he is sharing what blogging really is, how to get started at it and make money. Ryan also shares some of the common mistakes to avoid in blogging and the finances behind running a blog. 

Ryan Guina is the founder of and He is a writer, small business owner, military Veteran, and current member of the Air National Guard.

Be sure to stick around for What’s on Lacey’s Mind. The VA may owe us some money!

Blogging Business Episode:

  • How Ryan started blogging 
  • What blogging is
  • How people make money blogging
  • How do you get started in the blogging business
  • Common blogging mistakes to avoid
  • Ryan’s tips for blogging when you don’t have experience
  • How to not get overwhelmed by the blogging business
  • Product based businesses and blogs
  • Beginning a blog when you have debt
  • The finances of a blog business
  • How to handle challenges in business 

Show notes