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Military Money Show

Mar 18, 2019

The time to figure out saving for your child’s education is not when they’re applying for college. Oh no, you should start saving money the day you bring them home from the hospital. Or somewhere close to then. It will make your life a heck of a lot easier.

My guest today, Ksenia Yudina is here to talk about her new app, U-Nest that helps you save for your child’s education with at 529 plan.

She is a mother of three with over a decade of experience as a financial adviser helping parents understand how best to establish savings funds for their children. She built U-Nest to remove the barrier to 529 Plans for families who can’t afford expensive financial advisors to guide them through the process. We go over U-nest, how it works, the cost and the benefits all in this episode.

In this episode:

  • What’s a 529 plan
  • What U-Nest is and how it can help your finances
  • How U-Nest is different
  • How and why it was created
  • Student loan debt
  • How to start saving for college

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