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Military Money Show

Jun 10, 2018

In this week's Episode 1 of the MilMoney Movement Podcast, we talk with special guest, Danielle Town. She’s the Co-host of the InvestEd podcast and author of Invested with her father, Phil Town a legendary value investor. We talk with her about how she went from being exhausted and stressed out to formulate a plan for her financial freedom. Learning to invest is a daunting task. There is an unlimited amount of information to learn and apply, to the point it feels like you’re drinking out of a firehose. Today, Danielle is breaking down how to make the task of investing simple, straightforward and approachable for everyone—not just number people. What we’re talking about today: 1. Little vs Big Investors 2. Finding Freedom Money 3. Fear of Losing Money 4. Risk Tolerance 5. Inflation (the silent killer of savings) 6. Compound Interest 7. What it’s Like Writing a Book with Your Dad 8. Yoga and Meditation for Investing Practice 9. Creating Your Investing Practice 10. Index Funds vs. Individual Companies 11. Challenges of Investing 12. Past Money Issues What's on Lacey's Mind This week it’s Cobra Kai, Cable vs. Streaming Services, and Blue Apron