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Military Money Show

Jul 16, 2018

For anyone going through or thinking about a divorce, it can be highly emotional. And when your emotions are high, it can make decision making dangerous. Especially when you don’t have the knowledge to make those decisions.

 In today’s episode, we are talking with divorce expert, Sally Boyle, CFP® about the knowledge you need to get through a divorce and set yourself up financially to succeed afterward. We discuss the common mistakes people make when divorcing, how to avoid those mistakes, and what you need to know about doing a divorce on your own. 

Game Time

In the episode’s Game Time, Hank, Lacey, and Sally build their dream Mastermind group from any living person. Listen to find out who they pick and the ones they have in common. Spoiler alert Lacey’s are better than Hank’s. 

What's on Lacey's Mind

This week it’s abandoned online shopping cart discounts.