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Military Money Show

Jul 9, 2018

There is a lot to know and do when you are running a small business. Today, we are talking with Laura Early Co-founder of Wise Advise + Assist Team on how small business owners can take back their time with the help of military spouses and veterans.

Wise Advise is a “virtual assisting agency powered by military spouses, veteran’s spouses and veterans.” With the rise of entrepreneurship (especially from veteran entrepreneurs and milspouse entrepreneurs), Wise Advise Assist team is helping small business owners outsource time-consuming tasks that aren’t their zone of genius or take them away from growing their business.

This episode is full of wise advice for anyone starting or running a small business. Laura even shares a free helpful Time Audit with our listeners in this episode.

What's on Lacey's Mind
This week its unboxing, Amazon, our favorite shows plus YouTube Red’s Cobra Kai, again!