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Military Money Show

Feb 3, 2020

When your house is cluttered and unorganized, it makes it hard to focus. The details of your life like finances get lost in the shuffle. 

But when your house is organized, you find calm in the chaos. Calm, cool, and collected is how you want to be to manage your financial life. Being organized means, you’re able to focus on the details because you can see them clearly.

My guest today is here to share advice on how to get your house organized and in order. Christa Curtis is not only a Navy spouse and mom of four. She’s an organizing professional and founder of Permanent Change of Storing, an organization service that specializes in military family lifestyle.

I have to warn you. I was excited to talk about getting organized with Christa, so I may have let out too many secrets about how I like to “magically” get my house clean.